Meet Kess

Who is Kess?

My name is Gloria Kodua Snr. I'm originally from west Africa Ghana. As most Ghanaians, I also have my African name which is Abena Kesewaa Panin and from Kesewaa was the name Kess born. I'm in a family of seven, I am blessed to have my mother and father (Angelina & Samuel) with me as well as the support of my two sisters (Gloria Jnr & Rita) and two brothers (Kwaku & Jeffery). Fun fact: Gloria is my twin (Yes we have the same First name because back then it was believed in Ghana that twins with the same name grow stronger together). My love for fashion and African prints began at a very young age when i was about nine years old and it never stopped growing even when i moved to the United States at the age of fourteen. I give thanks to God for how far he has brought me in life and also with Kess Designs.